Series Three
Network CBBC
Run 9 Feb - 11 May 2004
Episodes # 13
Series: 123

Series 3 refers to the third and last series of Jeopardy. This series ran for a total of fourteen episode from the 9th of February, 2004 - 11th of May 2005. The series was broadcvast on CBBC on BBC one.

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The group, minus Gerry, David and Sarah, find themselves back home in Falkirk. They quickly realise that they are only visible to two people - David and Sarah - and are in the future. David and Sarah were returned to Earth to witness the apparent suicide of the rest of the group. While David and Sarah stay in Scotland, the rest of the group return to Australia via a time travel portal.

Back in Australia, three days from their "death", they are visible again, and are continually pursued by Stanich. They realise that they must try to contact the aliens so that everything can be returned to normal. But things go terribly wrong when they discover that all their portal travel has given them a condition called "RED EYE" disease. With this condition, when an individual gets stressed, their iris turns red and they "split", looking as if there are two separate people for a number of seconds, and then promptly disappearing.

As more and more of them disappear, the remaining members must team up with the evil alien twins. Eventually their search leads them to a top-secret base on Astrid Island. On this island, they find their friends who had disappeared. however, they now have the mentality of seven year olds, and the unusual symptom of appearing black on an infra-red camera. At the end of series 3, Harry and Lucy meet with two twin boys, who reveal themselves as aliens. The aliens inform them that they were the original inhabitants of Earth, and all of their species are twins. they then travel back in time to Falkirk on the day of the UFO meeting and convince the group not to go to Australia by showing them the tapes they recorded throughout the show. the series ends with the past versions of Lucy and Harry entering the classroom and the current Lucy eye tuning red.

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