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The Red-eye virus (also known as Red Eye) refers to the alien virus that starts effecting members of the group after they were taken by The Aliens.

Every member of the main group has had the virus at sometime, although not everyone has felt the full side effects. The Red Eye is caused by fear and appears when abductees feel fear.


At first, the only noticeable difference is that the infected person's left eye's iris turns red. Then, the person "splits" in two. After this, the person ends up on nearby, and has the mental capacity of an eight year old. They also suffer memory loss. It appears that stronger emotional feelings are able to survive the memory wipe, as Simon Tudor and Chrissie McAteer retain their romantic feeling towards one another, as do Leon Duffy and Shona Campbell. Simon also retains his previous talent for sports.


There is no medical cure, however the infected person can stop the full effects by staying calm and getting rid of all fear.

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