Episode Twenty-Two
Series 02, Episode 09
Air Date 3 March 2003
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Episode Twenty-Two is the ninth episode of second series.

Summary Edit

Stanich pursues the group as Vic shows Simon some ancient rock paintings portraying the group.

Full recap Edit

Stanich tells her agent that nobody is on the boat and they leave. Meanwhile Simon is taken to the doctors and manages to show him the video of the spider that bit him. The man tells Doc that he's been expecting Simon. Back on the boat the group listen to the disk that Chrissie took from the military base and are shocked to learn that it's a recording of a helicopter trying to bring the UFO down.

They all agree that the best way to find David and Sarah is to go to the next UFO landing site. Ruby and Ann show them a wooden object with hole in it. Chrissie works out it's a map of Australia and the holes are six different UFO landing sites. They are more shocked to learn the next landing is where Simon wound up. Simon comes to and the man introduces him self as Vic. That night Harry gives the twins some money.

The next day Vic shows Simon some aboriginal cave paintings and Simon is freaked out by one of six people and bright lights above them. The next morning Lucy wakes up and discovers Harry and Rusty are missing and wakes the others up and they get their belongings and rush out to find Harry who tells them Stanich is following close behind him, they all hope into Rusty and drive off. They lose Stanich and Shona tries to stop Harry by grabbing the wheel which causes Rusty to crash.

Tape stops (end episode)