Episode Twenty-One
Series 02, Episode 08
Air Date 24 February 2003
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Episode Twenty-One is the eighth episode of the second series.

Summary Edit

The group investigate the mysterious twins as Simon is rescued by a mysterious Aborigine.

Full plot Edit

The group begin to think about their next plan of action when they hear something outside, Harry goes off and investigates and discovers that it's Ruby and Ann who tell him that they are being watched and points to a man on the cliff and tells Harry to meet them at the Uncle's houseboat at Shelly's Beach at 6 o'clock the next morning.

Meanwhile Simon collapses on the ground and sees David and tries to tell him he was only trying to help. Harry goes to the man and tells him to stop spying on them but discovers that he is a birdwatcher. The next day Shona decides not to see the twins. The others arrive but can't find the twins, suddenly the twins appear and the group think its creepy that they didn't hear the twins come.

On the houseboat the twins refuse to speak until Shona turns up, the others try to tell them that Shona isn't coming when Shona appears at the houseboat. Meanwhile an aboriginal man finds Simon and carries him to his car. The twins still refuse to speak until the beat them at a game of volleyball. Which they do and the twins begin to talk and show them how they can read their minds, when Chrissie gets upset and the twins refuse to speak again.

Harry tells them he'll buy them loads of chocolate. At the shops Lucy and Ann see Helen and they leave and tell the others they need to leave, the twins point out that it's too late and point to Helen who hops on to their houseboat and looks around. Helen climbs the ladder to where they are hiding and looks around. Tape stops (end episode)