Episode Twenty-Five
Series 02, Episode 12
Air Date 24 March 2003
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Next Episode Twenty-Six

Episode Twenty-Five is the twelfth episode of the second series.

Summary Edit

Simon meets up with the group but not everyone is happy.

Recap Edit

The group are driving when the Land Rover over heats and stops. They use one of the remaining few water bottles to cool down the radiator. Shona hears a noise over heads and spots a plan, that begins to circle them. They get back into the Land Rover and try and get away but the plane lands right in front of them and out hops Simon.

Chrissie is the only one who is pleased to see him. Vic leaves, telling Simon that he doesn't need him any more. Simon tells the group what happened and all about the caves and suggests they should go and look at the caves. Harry isn't happy with Simon coming back and expecting everything to be OK. That night Shona goes to get a drink and freaks out to discover the water bottle is infested with bugs. Lucy says she must of left the lid off. The group aren't too happy about this, because it was their last water bottle.

Simon tells them he knows how to find more water. The next day the Land Rover over heats again and they decide to walk to the caves. Shona notices Chrissie isn't looking well, Chrissie tells Shona she is still having her headaches and asks Shona not to tell the others. Simon suddenly stops and says there is water nearby, he can tell because Vic told him that insects are always near a water source, and he begins to dig in the ground. Chrissie goes over to talk to Simon but collapses onto the ground. Shona goes over and checks Chrissie's pulse and looks up and tells the group she can't find a pulse.

Tape stops (end episode)