Episode Twenty
Series 02, Episode 07
Air Date 17 February 2003
Previous Episode Nineteen
Next Episode Twenty-One

Episode Twenty is the seventh episode of the second series.

Summary Edit

Simon is trapped on a train that is travelling across the country, while the rest of the group go in search for the twins.

Full recap Edit

The group decide to go back and get Simon but are shocked to discover that the train has gone, with Simon in it. Chrissie tells them that they should just leave him, the others say they need to find him. The group argue but in the end agree it's more important to find David and Sarah first; and that Simon most likely call Helen Stanich when the train stops.

Harry says he won't be able to and show the group that he has Simon's mobile. Harry decides to call Helen but Chrissie stops him telling him that Helen Stanich would be able to trace and find them. When they leave Chrissie throws the phone out the window. Helen later traces the phone. Simon begins to get feel tired and goes to sleep when he gets bitten by a spider.When Simon realizes what happens he turns to his video camera and tells the others he did what he thought was right at the time, and warns them to watch their backs.

The group arrive at the Gold Coast and look for the twins, when thy find the twins they (Ruby and Ann) laugh at the group and ask if they fell for one of their stories. Elsewhere the train stops and Simon gets off and finds himself in the middle of nowhere when the train leaves with out him. Tape stops (end episode)