Episode Twelve
Series 01, Episode 12
Air Date 12 July 2002
Previous Episode Eleven
Next Episode Thirteen

Episode Twelve refers to the twelve episode of Jeopardy, which belongs to the first series, first broadcast on 12th of July 2002.

Synopsis Edit

Chrissy, Gerry and Simon are held captive by a mysterious man. The whole group is re-united and Joe, the man, is taken captive. He reveals that the capsule contains diamonds.

Plot Edit

The man, Joe, takes of his bike helmet and asks them to take them to their leader, which causes Simon to faint. Joe goes over to Simon and pulls a couple of ticks of Simon. Joe then turns the radio off and and locks them into the hut and leaves, on a trail bike.

Shona finally tells the others about the capsule she found. David hears the trail bike and thinks that it's a UFO. So he and Lucy follow Joe to a cave and watch him take food in and come out empty handed, they then follow him back to the camp site and dig around. Lucy goes and gets the trail bike as David distracts Joe. Meanwhile the others free the others from the hut. They radio into Arnie and tell him they're at the hut and they need the police.

Meanwhile the others set up a trap for Joe; only to capture David and Lucy when they return, with Joe tied up. That night David and the guys talk about the strange things and decide that Joe would of caused the lights and burning. David says he doesn't agree because of all the other reports that happen in the ten years he, Joe, was in prison.

Joe tells them he didn't do all of the things they saw. Lucy tells Gerry and Simon about Joe at the cave and Simon remembers that Melissa is their. Simon sneaks out and rescues Melissa. Arnie arrives, alone. Sarah and Harry think something is wrong. In the hut they give Arnie the capsule and tell him what happen. Arnie says he thinks he knows what is in the capsule and opens it a reveals a whole lot of diamonds.