Episode Ten
Series 01, Episode 10
Air Date 28 June 2002
Previous Episode Nine
Next Episode Eleven

Episode Ten refers to the tenth episode of Jeopardy which belongs to the shows first series which was first broadcast on 28 June 2002.

Synopsis Edit

David gets angry at the group after his encounter with the apparent UFO. Shona finds a mysterious buried capsule. The group decide to abandon the camp and leave a note for Chrissy and Simon, should they return.

Plot Edit

Sarah stops David from doing something stupid. Which causes him to go off at Sarah. The next day Chrissie wakes up to find her self alone in the canoe. She goes a shore and finds Simon who tells her the canoe has sprung a leak and they have to go back to the camp because it's to far to keep going to the head quarters.

Sarah wakes up to discover some of the trees have been burnt. Everyone, except Shona, believes it's from a UFO. They decide to look for Simon and Chrissie. Shona stays back to keep the fire going. Shona finds a capsule and decide to keep it a secret until she works out what it is.

When she hears a plane over head, she tries to radio the plane and discovers that the fire has gone out. The others return, after seeing the plane, and are upset Shona let the fire out. They decide to leave and leave a note for Chrissie and Simon. When they leave the note is blown away by the wind. Chrissie follows some chalk markings back to the camp. Where they hear Gerry on the radio telling them they need to leave because of the danger.