Episode Sixteen
Series 02, Episode 03
Air Date 20 January 2003
Previous Episode Fifteen
Next Episode Seventeen

Episode Sixteen is the third episode of the second series.

Summary Edit

While on the run, they look for supplies, encountering a strange boy, and find a crashed helicopter in the woods. They end up back at the compound, but find that it has been deserted, and some secret files with a list of recent disappearances...

Full Recap Edit

Harry tries to make an excuse for their speeding but is relived to discover that the police were just returning is bank card, which he left at the petrol station. The group later arrives at a town where they find a pay phone, but agree not to call their parents.

They go into a shop where they are confronted by a boy, who is in charge of the shop. The group learn that his mother went missing at the Paramundi ridge. The group goes back to the ridge to stay the night, they discover that their watches have stopped, Simon says it might be a magnetic rock, but Harry points out that his watch is self winding. That night the girls see lights, similar to the ones that Sarah saw on their first night.

The next day they go for a walk in the bush, when Harry gets his arm cut, Shona refuses to look in the medical bag, which she got from the store and Harry says it won't cause an epileptic reaction. Simon and Harry get into an argument over which way they go. Simon decides to go on his own, Chrissie decides to follow and convinces Shona to with them. While Harry, Leon and Lucy are walking Harry yell at them and tells them to duck. Leon and Lucy ask what the matter is, and Harry tells them that a helicopter is crashing. When Simon calls out to them, he has found a crashed helicopter. Simon doesn't think it's a big deal, but the others point out that it was on of the rescue helicopters, that was meant to save them.

They later find a tent with identical clothes and backpacks. They find one of David nature books in the bags, and notice a page is missing, they find the page in the backpack. On the page David has coordinates written and wrote "Is it from here?" The group decide to follow the coordinates and wind back at the facility which they had just escaped from, only to discover that it has been abandoned. They go through the fence and find a filing cabinet and look through the files and discover that the boy at the shop's mother's name is on the 'recent encounter' list as is there's. And Simon finds the missing person's list, which has David's and Sarah's names on it Tape stops (end episode)