Episode Six
Series 01, Episode 06
Air Date 31 May 2002
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Episode Six refers to the sixth episode of Jeopardy's first series.

Synopsis Edit

With Gerry, the teacher, missing, the boys continue taking Leon to the jeep, but meanwhile, Chrissy goes delirious and runs into the outback.

Plot Edit

David and Simon go down to the gully to try and find Gerry, but all they find is Gerry's backpack and signs off some one being dragged. Back at the camp the girls get into an argument and Chrissie runs off. Sarah and Lucy go and look for Chrissie. Chrissie spots a plane and starts screaming and trying to wave it down. Sarah and Lucy find Chrissie and think she might be going crazy.

Back at the gully Harry begins to get sick of waiting and decides to carry Leon to the Jeep himself. Harry finds the medical supplies scattered every where and the anti-venom in a ring of rocks.

David and Simon arrive at the Jeep and decide that Gerry might have gone back to the camp and decide to head back. They find Harry and Leon, being instructed by Shona, over the radio, David gives Leon the anti-venom. The boys get the Jeep bogged and decide to walk, Leon says he feels much better and walks as well. David mistake's a Kola's mating call for Gerry. Leon needs to lie down so they decide to spend the night back at the Jeep, only to discover that the Jeep has vanished.