Series 01, Episode 01
CBBC Jeopardy S01E01
Air Date 26 April 2002
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Episode One or Pilot refers to the first episode of the first season, and first episode overall, of CBBC's Jeopardy.

Plot Edit

Eight Scottish teenagers: Harry, Lucy, Simon, Chrissie, David, Sarah, Leon, Shona and their teacher, Gerry Simmons are members of a UFO club at their school in Falkirk, Scotland.

The group is each given a DV camera prior to departing for Australia, to study a reported UFO sighting. When arriving at base in Australia, a jealous Chrissie sabotages the medical kit by removing the antivenom from Shona's backpack. At night time, after they have set up, Sarah hears a noise outside, investigating she confronts bright flashing lights and she's convinced it's a UFO...

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