Episode Nineteen
Series 02, Episode 06
Air Date 10 February 2003
Previous Episode Eighteen
Next Episode Twenty

Episode Nineteen is the sixth episode of the second series.

Summary Edit

Chrissy is hit by a van and needs to go to hospital. The rest of the group choose to teach Simon a lesson after discovering that he was the spy.

Full recap Edit

The group heads off in search of the twins. When Rusty suddenly stops in the middle of a town, for no apparent reason. Harry, Lucy and Shona decide to goto a shop and try and get help; while the others go and feed the birds. In the shop Shona goes to an aboriginal man who tells her to beware of the kangaroo, because it's dangerous. M

eanwhile Chrissie decides to go to the shop when she is hit by a van, which has a kangaroo picture on the side. Chrissie is taken to the hospital and Simon goes with her. When they arrive the nurse asks for their passport. Simon says he needs to call a friend, who has them. So he calls Helen on the phone, Chrissie comes to and notices Simon on the mobile and then pretends to still be conscience, when she hears David and Sarah to leave, because it isn't safe, so she gets up and walks out of the hospital.

Later the group get into a fight and Simon accuses Harry of being the traitor, when Simon leaves Chrissie tells the others that Simon is the traitor and shows them the mobile phone in his backpack. The next day Harry goes to the train yard to get some water. When the others arrive they find harry in a carriage and get Simon to go in as well, and lock Simon in. The group leave planning to come back the next day and rescue Simon. However the train leaves soon after the others leave.