Episode Five
Series 01, Episode 05
Air Date 24 May 2002
Previous Episode Four
Next Episode Six

Episode Five refers to the fifth episode of Jeopardy's first series, which broadcast for the first time on 24 May 2002.

Synopsis Edit

The boys set out into the Outback to get Leon (on a stretcher) to safety, but back at camp Chrissy begins to freak out.

Plot Edit

Gerry begins to worry when Melissa does not return, so he decides they need to carry Leon back themselves. Meanwhile Simon and Lucy go off to check the monitoring equipment, when Lucy falls in a hole, which Simon says might be an animal trap. When they get to they find one tree burnt.

David and Harry go fishing and return to discover that Chrissie had left the lid of the food and that ants infested the food, and bit Chrissie. After Shona treats Chrissie. Chrissie breaks down and tells them that she took some of the medicine out of the medical kit, as a joke.

Gerry tells the others that they need to carry Leon back, and the others agree. However the girls are upset to learn that they will be left behind. While walking Leon gets up and says he is fine. A little while later he collapses and the guys put him back on to the stretcher.

Simon, who is reading the map, gets the group lost. Which causes Gerry and the others to get upset, because the jeeps are one and a half miles away (the other side of a gully). Simon suggests they lower Leon down the gully and carry him across. Gerry says they cannot and need to go back around. Simon and Gerry get into a fight which causes Gerry to fall into the gully.