Episode Fifteen
Series 02, Episode 02
Air Date 13 January 2003
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Episode Fifteen is the second episode of the second series.

Summary Edit

The group's suspicions heighten as Stanich becomes more and more vague with her explanations. They stage their escape, but it was all too easy. What does Stanich have planned?

Full Recap Edit

The group scours the room, looking for and disabling listening devices, yet Simon still believes there's nothing strange going on. Lucy gives Harry a birthday card as Leon arrives and explains to them what happened. He explains they've missed an entire day and that it is Sunday. Leon's newspaper has no mention of them or their ordeal, and Shona suddenly hears Sarah talking in her head. Harry confronts the CCTV camera, demanding answers from Stanich. She comes out and claims they will be flying back to Scotland that day. Simon and Leon are happy, but the others are still skeptical. Stanich tells them the listening devices were to confirm their identity. They refuse to leave for Scotland without their friends and teacher, and Stanich claims they two teenagers got mild concussions when the downdraft from the helicopters hit them on the ridge. She denies anything unusual happened during the rescue, leaving Gerry's ramblings unexplained.

The teenagers are monitored through hidden cameras in their mirrors as they discuss the odd happenings in the compound. As the group prepares to leave for the airport, Stanich shows them David and Sarah outside, preparing their own luggage. On closer inspection, it is discovered they are not actually Sarah and David. They formulate an escape plan and Stanich watches them leave, smirking. They escape without trouble and Shona notes it was all too easy. They organize to head back to Paramundi Ridge to look for David and Sarah. They buy an unreliable van, which they name Rusty, and continue on with high spirits. Harry and Lucy each hear Sarah and David telling them to promise they'll "keep looking".

They stop for petrol and narrowly escape an encounter with the police, but find the patrol car is still following. They try to outrun it, but Rusty isn't fast enough, and they are forced to stop.