Episode Eleven
Series 01, Episode 11
Air Date 5 July 2002
Previous Episode Ten
Next Episode Twelve

Episode Eleven refers to the eleventh episode of Jeopardy, which belong to the first series, which was first broadcast on 5 July 2002.

Synopsis Edit

Chrissy and Simon find the camp, but due to his delusions, they both leave in search of the road. Simon finds Melissa tied up in a cave but believes that he is hallucinating again. Chrissy then finds Gerry tied up in an old shack.

Plot Edit

Simon and Chrissie decide to stay one more night at the camp sight before they leave. Meanwhile the others get lost and David and Leon continue to fight and argue. Shona shows Sarah the capsule. they discover a bit of torn shirt and realize that it's from Melissa's shirt. They also find her video tape and watch it. Chrissie finds some tire marks in the middle of the camp site and she and Simon follow them.

Simon begins to hallucinate again and begins to see three Chrissie's. Simon wonders off, thinking he is following Chrissie and ends up at a cave here he finds Melissa tied up. Simon, thinking he is still hallucinating, doesn't think she is there so he leaves. Chrissie manages to contact the others but an argument with the others causes her to turn the radio off. Chrissie and Simon find a hut and tell the others how to get their. Simon starts to get thirsty and heads toward the hut. Chrissie follows and in the hut they find Gerry, all tied up. Chrissie begins to untie Gerry when the door opens and a figure stands at the door.