Episode Eighteen
Series 02, Episode 05
Air Date 3 February 2003
Previous Episode Seventeen
Next Episode Nineteen

Episode Eighteen is the fifth episode of the second series.

Summary Edit

Harry begins to suspect that there is a traitor in the group. With the help of Ed and Seb, they break into a military base in order to find out the fate of the rescue pilots.

Full Plot Edit

Everybody freezes in terror as the agents phone rings and they leave. The group aren't sure if Ed told the Federal agents that they where there. Ed tells them she wouldn't call the federal agents and then hide them. Harry later tells Ed that he thinks one of the group is a spy.

Harry later tells this to Lucy and Simon overhears and claims Harry has lost it. Harry begins to wonder if he is the spy but can't remember. Shona decides to go to town to get more supplies, Chrissie and Leon go with her. Shona leaves Chrissie and Leon and says she needs to do something else. Chrissie and Leon go back to Seb's shop and ask questions. Seb tells them that the last lot of people who asked too many questions where two helicopter pilots, who went missing the next day.

When the group gets back together they decide to go to the military base. Ed agrees to take one of them in, Chrissie volunteers. In the base Chrissie finds a C.D which has voice recordings from a helicopter flying over Paramundi. Chrissie almost gets caught and notices two helicopter pilot name's on a white board with Died in Action next to there names and Paramundi next to that. Shona tells Leon that she went to a library, whilst in town, to check her e-mails and is upset to discover her mother hadn't written anything.

That night the group get into an argument and Ed tells them that on the night they disappeared the twins saw them looking at the sky and the next thing they found them selves on board an alien ship. Chrissie asks why she can't remember and the twins can. Ed says it might be because of the telepathic powers twins suppose to have. The group decide to see the twins and Ed tells them the twins are at an Uncles place in the Gold Coast. Simon goes out side and rings Helen Stanich and tells her everything is going as planed. Tape stops (end episode)