Episode Eight
Series 01, Episode 08
Air Date 14 June 2002
Previous Episode Seven
Next Episode Nine

Episode Eight is the eighth episode of Jeopardy, which belongs to the first series, which was first broadcast 14 June 2002.

Synopsis Edit

Chrissy follows Simon who has run away, claiming that he is following Gerry and Melissa. Meanwhile, the others find mysterious markings and a burned out crop circle in the ground.

Plot Edit

Simon manages to get out of the river and follows Gerry and Melissa. Chrissie also manages to get out but loses Simon. Chrissie finds that food has been falling out of Simon's backpack and follows the trail. Meanwhile the others get into an argument over Simon and Chrissie, to see if they should find them.

Shona decides to go get some food and discovers that Simon and Chrissie took some of the food with them. They decide to start a fire and use it as a signal, they also write S.O.S on the ridge with large rocks. the group decide to find Simon and Chrissie David and Sarah go one way and Harry and Lucy go the other, Shona and Leon stay back at the camp.

David and Sarah discover strange chalk markings, that they didn't put, on the trees. Harry and Lucy hear a noise in the bush and freak out and run. Shona decides to get supper ready for the others when she and Leon hear something move in the bushes. Harry and Lucy find a patch of land burnt in a circle. Harry begins to have a seizure.