Lucy an harry

The 'past' Harry and Lucy looking at the original Harry and Lucy.

When the show came to it's end in 2004, viewers were asked to vote for an ending to Jeopardy. They could pick from:

  • Surprising Ending
  • Scary Ending
  • Happy Ending

In 2004, the Scary ending was chosen. This is the original ending to Jeopardy. SPOILERS: Harry and Lucy show the UFO Class the tapes, and the part where Sarah spots the alien lights at the end of episode one.

The class look disturbed at this, especially Sarah, and Harry and Lucy hold hands happily, knowing they've convinced the group. As Lucy looks towards the door, another Harry and Lucy walk through saying 'Sorry we're late...' The four look at each other puzzled and the last shot of the episode is of the original Lucy getting Red-Eye.

In a repeat of the episode, the vote was run again. This time, the Happy ending was chosen. The only difference from the scary ending was that the episode ends (SPOILERS) Before the past Harry and Lucy enter through the door.

Ending on January 25th 2007, the series was repeated. But viewers weren't asked to vote for an ending. The 'scary' ending was shown. The 'surprising' ending has never been shot or aired.

Later, Tim O' Mara revealed that the surprising ending was Harry and Lucy were Alien Clones and the Red-Eye virus was a way to keep them in check by the aliens. It is unknown whether the Aliens reveal this to Harry and Lucy at the beginning of the episode, or if they find out from the tapes.